A Deaf Doncaster man has found work at the college he studied at and is now helping people with difficulties to find a job.

Simon Tacey, aged 31, studied at Doncaster College for the Deaf (now known Communication Specialist College Doncaster) from September 2001 to December 2005 and then after a period of seeking worked he found a job as an Administrator Assistant with the Specialist Employment Services (SES) team based at the Trust.

He said, “I first started work with Doncaster Deaf Trust in November 2014 as a temporary Administration Assistant.  I worked for six months and really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it so much that I stayed on for another two months as a volunteer!

“I decided that I wanted to improve my qualifications so applied to enter the DWP programme at Communication Specialist College, Doncaster (part of Doncaster Deaf Trust).  I was accepted and began building on qualifications that I had gained when I was a student at the college years before. 

“While on the course I was offered a chance to do some work experience, again for Doncaster Deaf Trust – I must have impressed them with my punctuality and hard work because when my course finished at the end of August, they offered me a job as Administration Assistant in the new Specialist Employability Support department.

“I am really enjoying being in work and because I know some of the struggles that people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or who have communication difficulties face, I find that I am well equipped to help them.

 “It is great working with the SES team and the work we do is really rewarding. It is fantastic to think that you have made such a difference to someone’s life.

 “We help people from all over the country find work and placements and work closely with them to meet their needs.”

 Simon, who was born Deaf, attended Yorkshire Residential School for the Deaf (now known Doncaster School for the Deaf) from September 1991 to July 2001 and then studied Business Studies at Communication Specialist College Doncaster.

“I am the only Deaf member of my family, my parents have learned BSL, and other family members use basic sign to communicate with me," said Simon.

Simon lived in Derbyshire and travelled daily to school.  Soon after Simon’s father was offered a position in Leeds and as a family, they all thought the move to Doncaster would be good to be near school for Simon.

 Jenny Atkinson from SES said: “Simon is a real credit to the team he works hard and is very dedicated.

 “Having a real understanding of the difficulties people can face when finding work helps Simon have great empathy in his role.”