Our pupils took a special trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to teach some of the rangers the British Sign Language sign for the animals they look after.

They asked the rangers questions about the animals and taught them a number of basic signs including the animal name and signs for eating, carnivore and other useful day to day signs.

Jane Goodman, our deputy head teacher said: “This was a great experience for our pupils. They love the fact that people are interested in learning to communicate through sign.

“For them seeing hearing people in their day to day jobs signing is a real boost and it makes them feel more confident about visiting places.

“The rangers took the time out with our pupils to answer their questions about the Giraffes, Bears and Lions and it was fantastic to see them so keen to learn the relevant signs for the areas they work in.”

Doncaster School for the Deaf was founded in 1829, and is one of the oldest deaf schools in the UK. The school has both day pupils and residential pupils, attracting families from across the country to the town.

Adam Spencer an animal ranger from Yorkshire Wildlife Park said: “It was great to spend time with the pupils from Doncaster School for the Deaf. I learned signs for Brown Bear, Polar Bear and carnivore from the group and answered lots of questions about the animals’ day to day routines.

“Communicating what we do is a big part of our job and it is important for us to learn different ways to communicate with our visitors. I hope that this is just the first step for us in learning to communicate with our Deaf customers using British Sign Language.”