Six students from Barnsley are receiving a specialist education at Communication Specialist College Doncaster thanks to their local authority.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council recognised the need for the students to have a specialist college education when they left their specialist schools this year.

Alexis Johnson, executive principal of Doncaster Deaf Trust, who manage Communication Specialist College Doncaster said: “We are really pleased to be building a relationship with the team at Barnsley Council.

“The students who have joined us are settling in well and already growing in confidence in this specialist environment.

“Our college provides a tailored education and life skills support to students who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have communication difficulties, including autism.

“Leon, Thomas, Stefanos, Sam, Summer and James have joined us from different specialist schools, and all have very different needs. The benefit to these students and their families of having a place at Communication Specialist College Doncaster is that we have all the support they need on site.

“We are the only college I’m aware of that has an audiologist working onsite four days a week, we have speech and language therapists, employed by the Trust, to work with the students, and we have the specialist support these students need.

“As well as the specialist education these students receive, we also have a dedicated team who work with them to ensure they are able to fulfil their potential in the world or work. Our team helps to find work experience placements and supports both the student and the organisation through the process, giving them the skills, they need to find employment when their education is complete.

“It is great to work with the Young People Skills, Employability and Enterprise team at Barnsley Council to support these students. Our provision is fantastic and our dedication to working with local authorities to support students from across the region is stronger than ever as we celebrate our 190th year.

“We are looking forward to building on relationships and developing new ones that see more students able to develop their education in a specialist setting.”