STUDENTS at Communication Specialist College Doncaster, part of Doncaster Deaf Trust, have a new vibrant and modern study centre thanks to a grant of £40,000 from the Foyle Foundation and £10,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation. 

The money has turned the old library at the Trust into a specialist study centre designed by staff and students. 

Alan Robinson, principal of Doncaster Deaf Trust said: “We are delighted that the Foyle Foundation and Garfield Weston grants have made such a positive difference to this space, incorporating ergonomic and disabled friendly computer stations, soft seating including sofas, and a completely new reception area. 

“The new study centre has been welcomed by staff and students who can now benefit from the quiet study areas and coffee bar. 

“Doncaster Deaf Trust is a registered charity providing specialist education for children, pupils and students who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have communication difficulties. Providing the best possible learning environment for our students is vitally important and our thanks go to the Foyle Foundation and Garfield Weston for these generous grants.” 

Open sky ceiling panels have also been created in the new study centre providing better and more natural lighting. 

Doncaster Deaf Trust has been providing specialist education provision in the town since 1829 when Reverend William Carr Fenton set up a school to help young deaf people receive an education to equip them to become self-supporting adults.  Today the Trust manages a nursery, Little Learners Day Nuirsery, school and college as well as providing a number of contracts for the Department of Work and Pensions aimed at helping people get into employment.