The management and customer service team at Lakeside Village are becoming Deaf Aware thanks to a special training course run by Doncaster Deaf Trust.

Covering topics including the latest facts and figures regarding the numbers of people in the UK with hearing loss, tips on how to communicate with a Deaf person and basic British Sign Language, the course is also tailored to include retail and shopping related signs.

John Magee, centre manager at Lakeside Village said: “We felt that is was really important for our team to become Deaf Aware as we operate in a town that is home to a specialist Deaf school and college for people with communication difficulties – one of only a handful of in the country.

“Our trainer is Deaf and has an interpreter with her who translates throughout. Our first session was an absolutely amazing experience and we've all learned so much. We are having three sessions and can’t wait for the next session to learn more.

“Being Deaf aware is so important and I’d really recommend that businesses in the town take part in training so that when you have Deaf customers you can communicate with them.”

Natalie Pollard, who delivered the training on behalf of Doncaster Deaf Trust has been providing Deaf Awareness training for a number of years.

Natalie said: “It was really good fun to work with the team at Lakeside Village and get them thinking about how they can be Deaf aware.

“In the UK more than 11 million people have hearing loss, which is one in six people and an estimated 900,000 people in the UK have severe or profound hearing loss.

“It is great to see businesses taking the time to take part in training so that they can communicate with Deaf people and that they learn the knowledge and skills to be able to do this effectively.”

If you think that your business or organisation could benefit from Deaf Awareness Training please do give us a call on 01302 342166.