A group from Doncaster have taken part in an international meeting to develop an e-learning National Written Language programme for the Deaf.

Liz Deakin, Mike Breslin and Jill Goodwin from Doncaster Deaf Trust, attended the Deaf Learning Project meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Liz said: “We achieved a great deal during this European meeting. The objective of the project is to create an e-learning national written language programme in English, Polish, Austrian, Lithuania and Italian.

“The programme is based on the European Common Reference Language Levels and a number of language themes have been agreed including relationships, sport and leisure, managing money, travel and career choices. All of these themes will be useful to assist Deaf people manage their day to day lives.

“At the international meeting we created a handbook and worked on additional learning resources for the lesson plans. This project is gathering a pace and we are very proud to be working with our European partners to be making a real difference to Deaf people’s lives.”