We are planning to start a disabled cycling club thanks to money given to us by a foundation which supports sporting opportunities.

Doncaster Deaf Trust has been granted £20,000 from the Peter Harrison Foundation and will use this money to set up and start the cycling club.

The club will officially start after the summer break and cycling will be incorporated into the sports curriculum at the Trust.

The campus around the Trust will be used as a learning area where teachers can introduce the cyclists to real road signs and conduct cycle proficiency classes and tests before they head out onto the road.

Alan Robinson, our executive principal, said: "We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to start something as forward-thinking as this.

"The chance to ride a bike is something our students might not have considered but, thanks to the money from the Peter Harrison Foundation, we will be able to make that a reality.

"I can't wait to see staff and students alike riding round the campus, improving their abilities and then heading out onto the open road."

We would be interested in hearing from volunteers who might like to assist in running the club, and, if successful, the club will be rolled out to include disabled young people from the Doncaster area.