Doncaster School for the Deaf Gains International School Award

 STAFF and pupils at our school celebrated achieving Intermediate level of the British Council International School Award.

Doncaster School for the Deaf developed a strong partnership with a school in Bangladesh and they have been working together to bring new ideas into the classroom.

The assessors said: “Your dedication to developing your partnership with the Bangladeshi school is clear and it is very pleasing to see you highlight how the partnership has grown since it began, recognising the positive impact that this has had both on your students and those in your partner school.

“Your classroom based activities demonstrate a wide coverage of curriculum areas and involves the vast majority of children across your school. They are well designed to cover a range of curriculum areas and were clearly driven by the children’s interests and through their initial communications.”

The assessment also highlighted the Sports and Leisure activities where children have been inspired to develop a sports competition between the two schools.

Jane Goodman, deputy head teacher for Doncaster School for the Deaf said: “Our pupils

have loved the work we are doing with the school in Bangladesh. It has been great for us to develop this partnership and we will continue to work on this project to further benefit our pupils and the pupils at our partner school.

“The next stage for us is to now work towards International School Award accreditation and embed activities cross the whole school and the curriculum.”