We are making an effort to reduce single use plastic by using paper cups and reusable water bottles.

The Trust is encouraging pupils, students and staff to reduce their impact on the planet by supplying them with their own reusable water bottles in a bid to cut down on unnecessary single use plastic.

We have also switched the plastic cups in our water coolers for paper alternatives and 48 students travelling overseas have also been provided with their own reusable water bottles so that they do not have to purchase water in single use plastic.

Bobbie Roberts, our chair of Trustees at Doncaster Deaf Trust, said: “We take our responsibility to the environment really seriously and our young people are becoming increasingly more interested in protecting the planet and preserving it for future generations, which is crucial for their future.

“If all organisations start to take steps we can make a real difference. We hope that our decision to reduce single use plastic for our students, pupils and staff will inspire people to make a difference, and that offering reusable drinking bottles and paper cups is a step in the right direction.”

Sodexo, our catering provider, has helped the mission by replacing plastic cutlery with wooden knives, forks and spoons.

“We are pleased that Sodexo have also made this significant change in our dining room which will also benefit the environment.

“This is just one small step for us and we will be working with our pupils, students and staff to identify other ways in which we can help to reduce our carbon footprint and benefit the environment.”