Doncaster businesses set to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week

We are looking forward to celebrating Deaf Awareness week (May 14-20) when businesses from across Doncaster will take part in a special session to mark the week.

Representatives from organisations from across the borough will join together at Doncaster Deaf Trust to learn how their business can become Deaf Aware and support people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have communication difficulties.

Bobbie Roberts, our chair of Trustees at Doncaster Deaf Trust said: “We are looking forward to see the bosses of Doncaster Racecourse, Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust and Doncaster Rovers join with Lakeside Village, Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Virgin Trains, Doncaster Council, CAST and Right Up Our Street to learn about the issues that face Deaf people.

“The group will be given handy details to help them to communicate effectively with Deaf customers who use their service or visit their business.

“They will all learn a few basic signs and will be shown signs that are pertinent to their organisation. We hope that session will inspire them to find out more and for their organisations to become Deaf Aware and receive our new official Doncaster Deaf Trust, Deaf Aware stamp of approval.”

It is estimated that there are about nine million people in the UK who are Deaf or hard of hearing and Deafness is the third most common disability in the world. Most Deaf people who use sign language use British Sign Language, or BSL. It’s a rich combination of hand gestures, facial expressions and body language.

Alan Robinson, our executive principal of Doncaster Deaf Trust said: “It will be great to see so many businesses from the town come out and give their time to learn a little about Deaf Awareness.

 “It is hard to imagine the frustrations a Deaf person faces on a daily basis when trying to go about their normal business.

“Sometimes a friendly smile, someone looking at you directly and trying to communicate can make all the difference. In an ideal world we would all sign and be able to communicate. The businesses who attend will be taking their first steps of their journey to become Deaf Aware organisations.”

Doncaster Deaf Trust manages Little Learners Day Nursery, Doncaster School for the Deaf, Communication Specialist College Doncaster and Dickson House Children’s Home.