A Deaf student from Communication Specialist College Doncaster is calling on the local cinema to be more accessible for the Deaf community.

Megan Betts has written to the manager of the Vue Cinema in Doncaster to request that more subtitled films are shown.

Megan said: “I’m Deaf and have lots of Deaf friends and we find it really upsetting that the local cinema only shows two subtitled films per week.

“When a new film is released we have to wait for months to be able to see it with subtitles on. I would really like to be able to go with my hearing friends and watch a film but they don’t want to have to wait months to see the new releases.

“It is great to see that the cinema has an Audio Descriptive Service and wheelchair access every day but it is really disappointing that access for Deaf or hard of hearing people is not the same.

“What I would like to see is subtitled films available every day and bookable online.”

Megan has extended an invite to the manager to come to the college and find out more about the experiences of Deaf people and discuss ways that the cinema can become more accessible to the Deaf community.

“The situation is so bad that when I went to the cinema to see a subtitled film on January 23 and there were only two seats available so my friends and I couldn’t even get to see the signed film that was on that week.

“It’s just not good enough.”