Within the College’s team of tutors and support staff we have many highly skilled individuals who have accredited qualifications in Autism and/or extensive experience and additional training.  

We follow the National Autistic Society (NAS) Good Practice guidance to develop a workforce better qualified to work with people on the Autism Spectrum:  

  • There is support for open learning opportunities to gain Level 1 Higher Education qualifications in Autism.
  • There is a commitment to training key teaching and advisory staff by supporting enrollment on accredited Higher Education courses.
  • There are arrangements to make staff aware of existing Autism training courses.
  • Selection criteria for jobs requiring expertise in the autism spectrum include attendance on an accredited course.
  • Accredited courses are run in the local authority, in collaboration with a university with expertise in Autism Spectrum and/or a local Autism Society.
  • Staff are funded to participate in accredited courses in Autism.