Medical services at the College include:

  • On-site nurse service
  • Supported access to local health services
  • Supported programmes of self-medication
  • Personal health awareness programmes
  • Established links with other medical professionals

Prior to admission, all prospective students are seen for an initial assessment and interview to establish all medical requirements and suitability of the intended chosen course. 

First year students are screened, on entry to the College, by the Nurse. Baseline readings of height, weight, vision and blood pressure are recorded.

All students are individually assessed on general health, capabilities and responsibility for administration of their medication regime.

All resident students are registered with the College Medical Officer – 

Dr D Savage,

77 Thorne Road,


DN1 2ET. 

Tel: (01302) 361318.

College students are encouraged to attend the surgery for confidential consultations with the doctor as required. Students can choose to be accompanied by a member of staff to assist with communication.

Students may also be seen by the doctor who visits the College every week, after consultation with the nurse.  This will depend on the particular medical problem, urgency or if more detailed medical information is needed. 

Students are helped to arrange dental appointments and should be aware they may be required to pay for dental treatment depending on age and income received. Students are also advised to maintain registration at their home area dental service.

Students may attend an optician of their choice, with, payment for visual tests, glasses and repairs the responsibility of the student.      

Dietary needs are catered for, including general healthy eating and diets for specific medical needs. Religious and cultural requirements are respected and catered for within the establishment.

The nurse is available for discussion on a wide range of issues including matters of health, hygiene and sexuality.  Liaison with tutors and support workers is encouraged, with confidentiality always maintained. Health promotional sessions are arranged according to the curriculum, within the classroom. 

Parents are encouraged to make contact with the College to discuss any medical concerns.

The College Nurse will implement the relevant care of all students if they are unwell or unable to attend College.  Should a student require it, arrangements will be made to send them home, if the medical condition allows or with a doctor’s consent.          

Any member of staff or student returning to College after having or being in contact with infectious illness should report details to the nurse.

Vaccinations can be arranged for residential students, particularly prior to holidays.