Window of Opportunity for Ridwan at Poundland!

Window shopping with a difference - Poundland Store Manager Lisa Yates with Ridwan happily welcoming their customers! Ridwan was referred to Clarion on the Specialist Employability Support (SES) programme last October, via our contract with Doncaster Deaf Trust, and he has never looked back since!

During his initial weeks of employability support with our specialist Communication and Employment Consultant, Bridget, she supported Ridwan in updating and fine-tuning his CV and having gained a background of his skills and aspirations they then started the all important job searching activities. Each standard support session would entail checking vacancies on various websites, e-mail correspondences, make phone calls to employers to follow-up applications, check local newspaper adverts and make new job applications. Ridwan was very proactive and willingly determined to find a job; which really made things a lot easier for Bridget!

Bridget explained “constant interaction between us increasingly aided our professional relationship and I encouraged updates on jobs and interests in the interim periods in between our appointments. I would help Ridwan to complete application forms and we would both check before submitting to the employers and this boosted his chances of success!”

Ridwan’s motivation and dedication to the programme plus his enthusiasm and attitude to gaining employment led to the swift success of an interview at Poundland in Southend-on-Sea in Essex where he was subsequently successful in being offered a position with this national retail chain!

Ridwan commenced his 2 week induction training in February at the Southend store, where he was supported by Clarion throughout, whilst waiting for the new Dagenham store to open. The team there were extremely welcoming and with already having a Deaf member of staff employed at this store, they all readily understood Ridwan’s communication barriers and worked enthusiastically together as a team.

Ridwan fitted in to his new environment almost immediately, becoming a ‘cheeky chappie’ and highly valued addition to the team! Lisa Yates, Manager of the Southend-on-Sea branch where Ridwan commenced his training says “Ridwan is a great worker with a brilliant outgoing personality which is one of the key success ingredients to working with Poundland. He is always willing to learn and interacts so well with people, both his colleagues and our customers, even though he is Deaf. He is just so lovely” Ridwan has also encouraged Lisa to express an interest in learning BSL so that she can get back at him with cheeky innuendos in sign language!

Ridwan has since transferred to the new store in his home town in Dagenham and has settled in really well. Bridget exclaimed: “I’m so pleased Ridwan has secured employment, I wish him the very best of luck and am assured he totally enjoys working in his new role in stock replenishment. As a CEC, there is a real sense of pride and accomplishment when a job is secured for a client….well done Ridwan, no one deserves it more than you!”

Ridwan’s Dad, Gaphar commented on behalf of the family “after Ridwan completed College and training opportunities we were aware of the challenges he faced on the employment market due to the competitiveness and his hearing difficulties. We met with Bob from Clarion, who is Deaf himself, and he explained about the new SES programme and then we requested that the Jobcentre referred Ridwan. Our immeasurable thanks go to Bob and his team, we are sure that more Deaf people will gain valuable benefits from their services, as Ridwan certainly did”

The ‘Man of the Moment’ Ridwan had this to say “I am very happy with my new job, even though I have already been here for over 6 months now, time has flown! I have so much more confidence and have made many new friends. The teams here at Poundland have all been very supportive. I also want to thank Clarion and Bridget for giving me a new fresh start in life. Without them I wouldn’t be here”