As part of the support network, the College has its own audiology department. Our clinical audiologist is committed to ensuring that every student who comes to the College has access to the best equipment available for their particular needs. Students are encouraged to make the best use of their residual hearing and see the audiologist for any concerns they may have.

The on-site audiology department offers students a safe, familiar environment.  Both members of the audiology team have level two sign language qualifications, allowing learners the freedom to discuss their thoughts, concerns and options in a confidential and private manner without the help of an interpreter.

The department has a small provision of radio Aids and sound field equipment available which can be used in classrooms as a means to ensure that hearing aid and cochlear implant users receive the very best level of sound quality.  Through the use of hearing test, sound field aided threshold testing (hearing test with their hearing aids on), and various speech tests, we are in a position to advise teaching staff, and are on hand to advise how best to maximise a learners potential.

The department has forged close links, and has the full support of local and NHS audiology departments, and the specialist cochlear implant centres throughout the UK. The department strives to ensure every student has the necessary equipment and is given the opportunity to maximise their residual hearing and their learning experience.