The Big Give enables people to discover charities and projects of interest, make donations, and offers the opportunity to double your donations through match funding campaigns run throughout the year. Since being founded by Sir Alec Reed in 2007, the Big Give has helped to raise £82 million for UK-registered charities.

They profile the work of thousands of charities and their projects and are responsible for the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, the Christmas Challenge. This year Doncaster Deaf Trust has joined The Big Christmas Give 2017.

Our project, which we need to raise a total of £600,000 to complete, is to build a completely new Care Home for young people from Doncaster who, in addition to being in care, also have a disability. Our current Care Home, Dickson House, regularly receives 'Outstanding' grades from Ofsted but, as excellent as it is, it has a capacity of only 7 people. We have an almost permanent waiting list for Dickson House, which is why we know another Care Home is needed. Using the Big Give to raise funds is our launch pad to achieve this project's total and we have chosen it because it means we can double the amount pledged!

We managed to raise £2,100 in donations thanks to the Mount Pleasant Hotel, Manningham Concrete, Ardagh Glass, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and Liz Deakin. And now Candis, the Disability Magazine group, have chosen to Chamion our cause, matching our pledges with the same amount we have raised, bringing our total to £4,200. 

Stage Two

Donations: these can only be given between November 28th and Dec 5th. The minimum donation is £3. Our aim now is to attract enough donations to match the £4,200 we have, giving us a total of £8,400. 

Please Please Please help us to make this a reality. Children and young people in care haven't been dealt the best hand to start with. We know that children in care tend to do less well at school than those children who are part of a loving family and often this plays forward into later life; fewer children from care get into University and tend to have lower paying occupations. And of course, transitioning into adult life with fewer people around to help, support and guide you can be a really daunting experience. Children in care with a disability have a double disadvantage and we know, with your help, that we can level this particular playing field. 

You can view a video of how it all works - here:

And you can make a donation (not until November 28th) here: