One of our key tasks is to assist our students to find, and remain, in employment. We do that in lots of ways; talking to employers and arranging work trials for example. But before any of this takes place, we must provide our young people with the skills they're likely to need when working. One of the biggest employment sectors is retail and many of our students find employment there. And so, we have set up a Social Enterprise Project which both adds to their vocational qualifications AND provides key skills for success in retail. Our students make a range of goods (you can see them in the on-line shop) which are then sold for a small profit. The money made goes back into the project  -100% of it - so that the project can keep going for future students. They learn how make products, how to market them, how to sell them, take orders, take money and give change, operate a till and so on - all good skills to have if you're going to work in retail!  What we need now though is a much better, much more visible shop from which to sell our home grown products. Please help!