Most people are unaware that the Doncaster Deaf Trust actually started out as a 'School for the Deaf and Dumb!' Thankfully, the language has changed along with practically everything else since the school first opened its doors in 1829. 

Over the next, almost two centuries, over 30 buildings have been added, all happily clustered together on a campus that is 24 acres in total. There's a nursery, a college, a care home, residential accommodation for over 100 students, a study centre, a swimming pool, a huge indoor sports hall, several workshops for vocational skills including Motor Vehicle, Engineering, Construction, Joinery and a Hairdressing & Beauty Salon, and of course, the school is here still. We have three external all weather sports courts, a gym, an 80 foot greenhouse and several outbuildings for maintenance and storage - it's quite a place!

The varied buildings have been built at different times and they represent quite a mixture of architectural styles and its wonderful to just walk around and take it all in, but, the toilets, kitchens, (of which there are 8), residential flats (and the communal bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens in the accommodation units), the laundry and all of the vocational workshops and classrooms have to have a clean, and hot, water supply and be heated for the comfort of students and staff. 

Sadly, our boilers and the array of technical equipment used for heating and pumping water around our campus is very old, almost obsolete in fact, and in dire need of upgrading. Doing the upgrade will also allow us to become much greener and energy efficient, allowing us to reduce our colossal heating bills.