Our 2's and 3's Rooms are specifically tailored to optimise children's developmental potential and learning opportunities. Social and interactive play opportunities are a focus throughout both of these rooms to enable the key development of language and communication.

Children within the 2's and 3's Rooms enjoy a vast array of learning opportunities which are planned and well developed with heuristic and natural play resources. Children are encouraged to build on their developing language skills to really embed their communication techniques, essential for all children to thrive throughout their education and beyond.

The nursery provides an impressive facility which offers space, freedom and safety to explore, develop and enhance their developing confidence and independence with generous staffing ratios.  Children begin to experience how to lead their own learning through free play and independent choosing times complimented by adult interactions to role model and supervise the children's play. Children begin to access a more structured approach to their learning, with specifically planned learning opportunities which compliment the key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage of their age range.

The nursery offers care for children who are eligible to claim their Free Early Years Entitlement from 2 years plus, where the specified government criteria is met by the family for children aged two and generically for all children the term after their third birthday. For more information regarding eligibility or for more information you can visit the following website: www.govuk/free-early-education alternatively information can be requested from the nursery.